What Flowers Do I Need For a Micro Wedding?

lush colourful bouquet with yellow and pink flowers next to yellow bridal wedding shoes

Micro wedding flowers

So you’ve taken the decision to have a Wee Wild Wedding? Congratulations! They are the best thing since sliced bread. You can make everything about them suit you; your wedding, your flowers, your way. Unlike a traditional wedding, you don’t need to worry about restrictions on church flowers or matching the dodgy hotel décor so the world is your oyster.


What wedding flowers are included in the package anyway?


With your Wee Wild Wedding package, you’ll get a bridal bouquet, a buttonhole, hair flowers and an arrangement to go with your beautiful Scottish Wild Picnic. You can swap some of these options for other designs to the same value if these options don’t work for you. You tell us what colours you’d like and show us a few inspiration images and Mel from Briar Rose Design will create something beautiful inspired by this, but in her own unique style using seasonal flowers. You can check out her website or Instagram for inspiration.

luxury wild outdoor picnic wedding reception scotland micro wedding

What are the benefits of a Wee Wild Wedding for your wedding flowers?

You no longer have to invite friends or family you didn’t really want there in the first place! Joking! 😉

Micro weddings tend to be much more intimate and informal than traditional big weddings and really just about the couple and their love. This means less worrying about chair covers and favours and more time celebrating what really matters and having fun with the people you love, whether that’s just you and your partner or a few select guests.

Often planning a wee wedding means you have more funds available than if you had to create the same look on a bigger scale. If you only have 4 tables to decorate you can have beautiful lush flower arrangements but if you had to do the same for 15 tables your budget would be stretched. Take advantage of the smaller scale to go big and luxurious on your décor.

Micro wedding venues

Micro Weddings let you be creative, lots of people are getting married outside to fit with the current coronavirus restrictions and in Scotland, you can pretty much get married anywhere. Many couples are opting to rent AirBnB properties or have ceremonies in their own back gardens or renting mini marquees. These are not traditional venues so as such can be a bit of a blank canvas. To make these spaces seem more special, and give the day a sense of occasion, flowers and décor can be particularly important – especially if you can’t have as many guests there as you’d like, the flowers and venue dressing help stop the space from feeling a bit empty.

micro wedding flowers for your mini wedding ceremony in scotland

Setting the scene

Many of our Wee Wild Weddings take place outdoors with beautiful scenery as the backdrop so you might feel you don’t need much else to set the scene. However, if you’re getting married in a garden or mini marquee think about where you will stand for the ceremony, unlike churches or traditional venues there won’t be an obvious stage or place to get married so you’ll need to create one. Think about using large flower arrangements or floral arches to create a focal point. You can make use of architectural features on buildings or nice plants in the garden.

Little touches

With small numbers of guests, your budget might stretch to include little details that make the day extra special, buttonholes for all the guests or little flowers or sprigs of herbs at each place setting are nice touches that make the occasion really beautiful but would be expensive on a big wedding scale.

micro wedding ceremony scotland flowers in jars hanging off chairs outdoor ceremony

All images by Fotomaki Photography, all florals by Briar Rose Design

Both suppliers are included in every Wee Wild Wedding

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