Getting Married in Scotland

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Everything you need to know for your elopement in Scotland...

You can get married ANYWHERE: Scotland is unique in that you can be married anywhere you choose, unlike the rest of the UK! And we’re not short of a breathtaking landscapes for choice. But it doesn’t always have to be up a mountain or in a great glen for your elopement in Scotland, why not get married outside your front door, how intimate and special would that be?

So first you need to choose your location and date, as you need to specify both on your marriage notice forms (M10 forms).

We have a super secret map bursting with ideas for locations for your elopement in Scotland. Let us know your dream vision and we’ll find the spot to match. We’re talking from majestic waterfalls to serene lochs, ancient mystical woodlands to sprawling country estates. We know them all!

Timeline: You have to give 29 days notice to be married in Scotland so the quickest turnaround for a wedding is 30 days. Unless there are extenuating circumstances like illness, visa issues or armed forced placements in which case you may be able to marry sooner.

Giving Notice: Each of you must complete and submit a marriage notice (M10), along with the required documents (birth cert etc) and the appropriate fee, around £70, to the registrar for the district in which the marriage is to take place. All the details can be found HERE. 

This can be mailed in (but not e-mailed) so it can be done from outwith Scotland. If you are outwith the EU you’ll need to apply for a marriage visitor visa, which takes around 3 weeks and costs £95, details HERE.

The Marriage Schedule: This is the most important piece of paper you need! Without it you cannot be married.  The schedule must be collected by one of you from the local registrar office between 3 and 7 days before the ceremony. It must then be returned to the registrar within 3 days of the ceremony – but anyone can return it on your behalf.

That’s pretty much it!: Beyond this we’ll take care of the rest of it for you. You just need to do the fun parts like getting outfits, rings and choosing the floral colours and picnic menu! Yum!

TL;DR? (Too Long; Didn’t Read? Here’s the short version)

1. Nail down your wedding ceremony location (We can help!)

2. Choose your wedding date

3. Submit your marriage notices to the local registrar (Details HERE)

4. Collect your marriage schedule a few days before the ceremony

5. Bring it to the ceremony! (Very important!)

6. Let us take care of everything else!