Wee Wild Wedding Location Idea
Elope To Loch Lomond

view of loch lomond from end of loch trees in foreground and low clouds covering the top of the mountains in background elope to loch lomond

A Wee Wild Weddings location idea at the Inveruglas Pyramid Loch Lomond

The Inveruglas Pyramid, or An Ceann Mòr in Gaelic (meaning Large Headland), is an 8m tall structure on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. It provides a beautiful vista to enjoy panoramic views over Loch Lomond, the Arrochar Alps, and Ben Lomond. And we think it would be a fantastic spot for a Wee wild Wedding! I mean talk about a focal point, wow.

Practically speaking too, there’s a car park right next to it and the whole area is wheelchair accessible so it’s a really great option for anyone with mobility issues.

And those views, it doesn’t get more quintessential Scotland than that!

For those who are able, you can also climb to the top and peer through the telescope to get a better look at the local wildlife too.

So if you’re looking to elope to Scotland, why not consider the Inveruglas Pyramid as your wedding spot! We’d love to throw you a Wee Wild Wedding there! Read all about them HERE.

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