Wee Wild Wedding Location Idea
Elope To Lang Craigs Woodland + Overtoun House

elope to scotland woodlands hills

A Wee Wild Weddings location idea in the Kilpatrick Braes above the Clyde Valley

This is 15 minutes from Glasgow airport, crazy right? Feels like another world! Lang Craigs Woodland is a beauty of a spot, and I had the pleasure of exploring it one fine Summer’s day. Perfect for a Wee Wild Wedding, you’ve got crags, breathtaking views, woodlands, waterfalls and a car park – it’s got it all!

I hardly passed a soul on my exploration and it was such a lovely day, so it’s a quiet spot too which is perfect. It also offers a good choice of locations for the ceremony and backdrops for photos too. I actually felt a wee bit emotional at the high point as it was just so lovely, so I can guarantee I’ll be crying at your ceremony!!

The grounds around Overtoun House will provide ample space for your luxury romantic picnic after your ceremony. Can’t you just imagine the romance of it all? I can! Let us arrange for you to elope to Lang Craigs Woodland and have an epic Scottish wedding.

I was so taken by it all I even did a wee photo sphere for Google Maps which you can see below, have a click about in it to see the full 360-degree views!

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