Photography Tips For a Micro Wedding in Scotland

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Micro weddings are here to stay, even with vaccinations rolling out across the country, it looks like it will be a wee while until people can have hundreds of guests at their wedding, and lets be honest, micro weddings are that awesome maybe you no longer want a big wedding anyway!


We chatted to our photographer extraordinaire Sarah of Fotomaki Photography to find out her take on micro weddings and why they are so special.

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What photography is included?

In our basic Wee Wild Weddings package you get the fabulous Sarah on the day for 2 hours, your digital files, around 150+, in an online gallery and travel up to 60 miles from Glasgow. However if you fancy exploring the beautiful Scottish landscape a bit more on the day and getting some fab photos of you while you’re at it you can easily add on an additional hour or two of coverage.

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Why are micro weddings great for photos?

Sarah says microweddings are great because “Time is on your side! Sometimes the biggest stress on a wedding day can be trying to fit everything in and please people at the same time. Less people = less stress for sure! You no longer have to have a formals list a mile long because Aunt Betty will take offence if she’s not in at least 3 photos.”

She adds: “You can take your time doing everything. Get ready together and really breathe the day in, it doesn’t matter if the ceremony runs a little late because there’s no chef with 100 chicken dinners who needs you to be seated at a certain time. You can really go with the flow the whole day and experience it in real-time instead of it going by in a blur. And your images will reflect this, you’ll see that you’re both fully present in the moments – and beaming from ear to ear as you take it all in.” 

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Scotland’s weather and micro weddings

Sometimes people worry that the notorious Scottish weather might literally rain on their parade but actually, having a micro wedding makes everything much more flexible. The benefit of a Wee Wild Wedding is that you’re not stuck having the ceremony in a certain location and facing a certain way. Sarah says: “We can see what the light is like on the day and set up wherever will look best/most epic for the weather!” Quite often a shower will blow through then ten minutes later you’ll have brilliant sunshine.

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Fotomaki’s top tips for couples planning a micro wedding

“Stop overthinking it and just do it!”. Wise words Sarah! If you want to be married, let’s get you married, and have an awesome time while we’re doing it. You can always throw a reception party once this pandemic lark is all over. She also points out: “You get to do more of what you want to do and less of what you “should” do (according to everyone else).”


Micro weddings give you the opportunity to do whatever the heck you want! Don’t wanna wear a “wedding” outfit? Don’t! Don’t wanna wear heels? Don’t! Sarah says: “I had one bride who didn’t even bother putting on her wedding shoes and got married in her Birkenstocks – yass! The opportunity to not have to impress your whole family & friends circle is definitely appealing!”

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All images by Fotomaki Photography who is included in every Wee Wild Wedding

So if that sounds like the kind of mega fun stress free wedding you’d like get in touch! What are you waiting for?! or click Book Now!

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