10 Reasons to Have a Wee Wild Wedding

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If Coronavirus has taught us anything, it should be to seize the day and many couples are doing just that by having a micro wedding or looking for an elopement package in Scotland this year and saying goodbye to months of planning and stress. 

What opportunities does a micro wedding give that a normal wedding doesn’t? Well we’ve got a list as long as the Scottish Government Covid-19 guidance, and trust us that is one LONG document, but for now we’ll just give you 10.

outdoor elopement package scotland mini wedding micro wedding packages costs

1 – Flexibility

It’s a much more flexible approach to a wedding, something that’s proved invaluable over the last year. Fewer people mean it’s easier to change plans if you have to and you don’t have to deal with the politics of seating plans, favours, guest lists etc.

2 – Time

More time on the day, you can take as long as you like, no deadlines or shepherding guests into awkward group photos. No long speeches. No having to be ready for a sit down chicken dinner. A Wee Wild Wedding means you actually get to spend the day with your beloved and be in the moment! Not rushing around like a headless chicken or being cornered by some distant relative (whose name you can’t quite remember) for a long chat. It can be just you and the person you love most in the world. That’s all you need.

outdoor elopement package scotland mini wedding micro wedding packages costs

3 – Less Stress

Our brilliant Wee Wild Wedding elopement package Scotland includes everything you need and it is all planned to perfection by a team of experts. Between them they have created hundreds of magical micro and maxi weddings all around Scotland on their own and as a team.

4 – No More Wedmin

Fed up of planning and re-planning your wedding because of Covid-19? Ready to throw in the towel? Have a wee wild wedding! We can take care of all the logistics and you just turn up and have fun getting married!

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5 – Stage Fright

If the thought of saying your “I do’s” in front of 100 people has never quite felt like fun, then this is the way to go. Get married just the two of you or with a handful of BFFs (that can stand for Best Family & Friends), and forget all about stage fright!

6 – You Do You

Having a Wee Wild Wedding means it will be truly personal and unique to you two. No two are alike and no one else will have the same wedding as you. Plus without the pressure of having relatives tell you that you “should do” this or you “have to” have that – you can do whatever the heck you like! Want to wear a red jumpsuit? Let’s do it! Want to get ready together? Why not?

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7 – Adventure

It’s unbelievably exciting to be on a grand adventure with your person. Scaling things back means you get to enjoy the excitement. Enjoy the journey. The one that started with, “You know what we should do? We should just elope…. ” and ends up in the two of you, dressed up nice, surrounded by glorious Scottishness, telling each other that you really do mean it, you want to be married and today’s a good day to do it. Today is always a good day to do that, so why wait?

8 – Great Aunt Whatshername

You don’t have to invite people you aren’t close to or haven’t seen in 15 years just because tradition says that you should. You don’t have to invite anyone in fact but you and your partner, we can even sort out your witnesses for you. We do welcome dogs though, or any other cute animals you fancy bringing along…

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9 – Treat Yourself

You get to have an amazing luxury picnic and not share it with anyone but your new spouse, in the most beautiful surroundings, all made to suit your tastes and dietary requirements. We cannot understate just how magical these picnics are – not just food but a whole experience – just for you two.

10 – See You Later Overdraft

It’s a bargain! With the average UK wedding costing £30k you can be wed and still have plenty for holidays, houses and a whole lot of cake with our perfect wee wedding elopement package Scotland.

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So there you have it 10 totally terrific reasons to just get married now with the help of the Wee Wild Wedding team. If you needed any more reasons to book have a look at our blog for inspiration or follow us on Instagram. Even better get in touch! What are you waiting for?.

All images by Fotomaki Photography who is included in every Wee Wild Wedding

Mega fun (check!) stress free (check!) Won’t break the bank (check!) 

This is the elopement package Scotland you’ve been looking for!

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